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Self LOVE - Experience

Do you wish to have really beautiful photos of yourself? 
Professional and aesthetic images in which you find yourself photogenic and beautiful? Pictures that show you blooming in your sensitive power?
In connection with yourself or your partner?

Then it's the perfect time to feel yourself and your body, to perceive your own beauty, and, above all, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Give yourself space to just be YOU and celebrate your body - because


Your beauty comes from within and it doesn't matter what shape your body is. Every scar and every little wrinkle tells a story - YOUR story. And you can be proud of all that you have achieved in your life!

I desire to provide you with a loving and shame-free view of your intimate expression as well as your sexuality and to experience yourself and your body as a unique work of art.

You are welcome !

It's about feeling, sensing, and being. Your personal research and development journey - a journey to yourself.

Self LOVE - Experience


Do you have any questions about the shoot?
Let's just get to know each other, very easy & without obligation.


outdoor, indoor (studio in Bern)

Vouchers can also be purchased.

"The real ME"

Give yourself the attention you deserve!

Give yourself a new experience that you can grow with!

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